Welcome to Tocco Terra Potterypottery inspired by Italy and made in Vermont.

Making pottery is how I express my connection to my ancestry, to the history of making things and to the natural world.

Each piece of Tocco Terra Pottery is made by hand and the decoration is painted freehand one at a time.


Visit my  Designs Page and  Shapes Page  to see the various patterns I have developed and the sizes and shapes that are available.

I sell my pottery directly to you as well as through The League of New Hampshire Craftsmenwhere I am a juried member, and at their annual Craftsmen’s Fair held every summer at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire.

Send me an email, info@veronicadelay.com,  if you have any questions or if you would like more information on product specifications or pricing.

I hope that when you hold a piece of my pottery,  you will feel a sense of the care and tenderness with which it is made, the traditions that inspire it, and a resonance of your own memory or experience.