I named my pottery Tocco Terra because it means “I touch earth”. My new collection of grapes, artichokes and olives evoke the countryside of my Italian ancestors.  Their culture was rooted in rich soil, intense sun and unstoppable vegetation. It is no accident that they settled in the San Joaquin Valley of California, where I grew up and where agriculture is a way of life. In Vermont, where I live and work now, the farming and gardening season is much shorter but the instinct to plant and nurture growing things is strong.

In my family, good food and good company were always in abundance.  We expressed our creative energy through cooking and gardening.  I want my pottery to hold, reflect and extend that spirit for loving and living.

atmosphere 1

My interest in pottery is part of a larger exploration about creative work in many mediums.  I am curious about symbolism and subject matter that reappear throughout history, enduring the test of time.  Ancient illuminations and frescoes inspire me, as well as the artists and craftspeople who made them.